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Le Miccine

The Perfect 6 - Mixed case of Le Miccine Wines

The Perfect 6 - Mixed case of Le Miccine Wines

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The perfect 6! A box of all our wines, there is something for everyone in this selection:

- 1 white, made of Vermentino grapes that is tropical, round and mineral (2023)

- 1 rosé, made of Sangiovese which is unique, fruity, dry and round (2023)

- 1 Chianti Classico, fruit forward, minimal oak, fresh and smooth (2021)

- 1 Riserva, aged 2 years in oak, grapes selected from the top hills, a more bold wine, round and long tannins (2019)

- 1 Gran Selezione, aged 3 years in oak, a single vineyard plot is used for this wine and it is our cru wine, complex, rich, velvety and long tannins, great for aging (2017)

- 1 Carduus, our 100% Merlot Supertuscan, a different expression of Merlot, elegant, floral, rich and round. (2020)

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